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Importance of the toe cap in a Shoe

Do you know how important is the toe cap in the shoe?

Toe caps are essential in some types of shoes. According to several national and international norms, such as ABNT NBR ISO 20344, 20345 and EN12568, safety and protection shoes must carry a toe cap to protect against impact and compression, like frontal hits and objects falling on toes.

Flecksteel features several models and shapes of steel, composite and aluminum toeb caps in our components line.


Our effort to produce excellent quality toe caps starts in the raw material selection and inspection upon arrival. They are manufactured according to requirements and certified by the most acknowledged national and international institutes.

Assembly of toe caps in shoes:

So that a toe cap does its safety and protection job, it has to be properly assembled to the shoe. The toe cap, regardless of the material it is made of, must be incorporated to the shoe in a way it cannot be removed without damaging the shoe. Check explanation above.


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